It doesn’t get any better than catching trout in a unique and beautiful setting in the BWCA wilderness. Glen Sorenson is the most knowledgeable and talented outdoors man I have ever met. I have gone on many winter camping trips with Glen and I always have a great time. The scenery is beautiful and fish don’t stop biting. Thanks Glen!

Bo Kerchner


Fun! Fun! Fun! Glen’s personality is a recipe for laughter.

Mary Hains


I have been camping with Glen for 10 years.  I have never met anyone as competent in the woods as him. When I began to take my own daughters winter camping It usually was with Glen because I wanted them to learn from the best. His knowledge, breadth of experience, and concern for people’s welfare have always been qualities I try to emulate when I lead trips as well.

Dave McNamee


Glen’s passion and zest for life is infectious during his snow journeys.

Peggy Lundeen


First time in BWCA; first time winter camping. To put it simply, the experience changed me. It fed my soul like nothing else has ever done. AMAZING!

Liz Palokangas


Glen is the most knowledgable and interesting guide I’ve ever camped with.

Sam Witwicke


One of my favorite winter memories is my camping experience with Glen Sorenson. I remember the crisp and refreshingly comfortable air against my face. We were under the stars, surrounded by wild forests and frozen lakes, and treated to the trill of Saw-whet Owls.

Katie Brown-Mesedahl


I first winter camped with Glen almost 40 years ago. Glen absolutely enjoys the winter wilderness and he can help you to enjoy it as well!

Erick Sorenson


Glen -
We were a bunch of high maintenance sissies with limited outdoor experience. For me, driving was my winter sport until we went snowshoeing. Glen guided us through a pristine setting. Our journey began from Tuscarora lodge. We walked across a lake until we reached the wilderness trail. From that point, we experienced the magic only the Gunflint Trail can provide. As we walked along the trail, Glen taught us about rock formations, wildlife, and the sleeping Mother Earth beneath us. We stood in awe as we heard an underground stream that was covered by snow. At our journey’s end, we had lunch in the tent. We pulled our chairs around a wood-fired stove, and roasted hotdogs, marshmallows, and enjoyed the warmth of the great company. After our great lunch and conversation, Glen guided us back to our cars. It was a relaxing commune with nature. I would highly recommend this for anyone who shies away from outdoor activities.

Lynn Peterson